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Individual Rental Rates - $0.99 each

White Universal Satin

Chair Cover

1-200 White

Fits Most Chairs

White Polyester Universal Chair Covers


Fits Most Chairs

White Folding Chair Cover


Works well with rectangle top hall chair with short backs, or wooden hall chairs

Approximate measurements:

Chair back: 32 in. height x 17.5 in. width

Chair seat: 15.5 in. length x 15.5 in. width

Chair legs: 17.5 in. height

Black Universal Satin Chair Cover


Fits Most Chairs

Black Banquet Chair Cover


Can be folded in to use with square top chair

Approximate measurements:

Chair back: 37 in. height x 16 in. width

Chair seat: 15 in. length x 15 in. width

Chair legs: 18 in. height

Ivory Banquet Chair Cover


Can be used with Ivory Stretch Chair Covers

Approximate Measurements:

Top to Bottom: 38 in.

Chair Back: 22 in. height x 17 in. width

Chair Seat: 19 in. height x 18 in. width

Chair Leg: 18 in. height

Ivory Stretch Chair Cover


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